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1348 ACA Typhoon Haiyan

Responding to the Typhoon Haiyan emergency

On November 8th a super typhoon devastated the southern islands of the Philippines. Considered to be the worst storm in recorded history, destructive wind gusts reached 275 km per hour. The extent of the loss of life is not yet established – in these early days it is thought that 9 million have been impacted and upwards of 7,000 people have perished however the toll could be much higher. Those who have managed to survive the storm are severely traumatised. They face loss of shelter, immediate food and water shortages, and soon will encounter disease outbreaks. Emergency help is urgently needed.

ACA will be connecting with those who are already ‘on the ground’ and are in the best position to both assess needs and deliver aid.

Key Areas of Expenditure
  • Immediate food, water, clothing
  • Emergency shelter
  • Essential household items
  • Emergency medical assistance

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1348 ACA Typhoon Haiyan

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