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1413 PHI Community Health

Significant, sustainable improvement in health status and equity of Papuans, most particularly that of mothers and children

The Papua Health Initiative has been working since 2005 to sustainably improve the health of communities in Papua and Eastern Indonesia through a synergistic approach where private sector companies, local government and NGO's strategically work together to bring about real change. Our vision is based on the UN rights declaration that children “shall have access to adequate nutrition and health services and that they and their families will achieve greater equity in all aspects of health”

The most significant health needs in this region region are:

  • Poor health equity: low institutional capacity, poor access to health promotion, family planning, antenatal care and primary health care
  • Communicable diseases: high rates of malaria, HIV, Tuberculosis and childhood diseases like respiratory infections, acute diarrhoea and immunisation-preventable illnesses
  • Chronic diseases: poor prevention and management of malnutrition, diabetes, asthma, cardio-vascular disease, cancer and other diseases
  • Unsafe water supply quality and poor hygiene and sanitation

Key Areas of Expenditure

  • Community health development - village mobilization and health committee establishment, health promotion and village health post strengthening activities
  • Training for cadres and health staff on Maternal & Child Health, Family Planning, Nutrition, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, STI and TB
  • Promotion of maternal and child nutrition, breast-feeding, growth monitoring, immunisation
  • Preparing communities for seasonal diarrhoea outbreaks
  • ‘Road to Health’ books for mothers, children and mothers-to-be
  • A socially-marketed Village Malaria Worker Program to provide access to early diagnosis and treatment and improve surveillance of malaria
  • Health institution strengthening to improve standards of community healthcare delivery
  • Safe drinking water and community sanitation interventions



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1413 PHI Community Health

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