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1435 VOL Burundi

Raising a generation of empowered Burundians

The effects of civil war, AIDS and poverty have left many female headed households with no means to generate an income in Burundi.   Villages of Life is working in a rural community to increase community capacity to provide for the needs of widows and orphans.

The multi-part project involves:
  • Housing – a sturdy foundation with durable building materials will withstand the intensity of fierce and frequent storms in place of traditional mud huts.

  • Education and empowerment – children will attend the newly constructed neighbourhood school whilst young adults can partake in TAFE woodwork, metalwork and sewing classes.

  • Fish farm and agriculture - a diversity of food sources keep the community fed through self-sufficient production.

Key Areas of Investment:

  • Construction costs – Housing, school classrooms, bathroom block, community garden beds
  • School materials
  • Water tanks and pumps
  • Fish-farm and hydroponic vegetable garden setup costs
  • Vocational training classes
  • Land purchases for expansion


From project design through to implementation and construction, the next generation of leaders are rising up to take Burundi into a brighter future.

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1435 VOL Burundi

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