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1439 LSF Prosthetics Sri Lanka

Overcoming the barrier of disability through prosthetics, rehabilitation & microfinance 

This project provides artificial limbs to underprivileged persons in Sri Lanka, along with the necessary training and assistance they need to lead independent, productive lives. Children are assisted to commence or continue education, and adults are given guidance / micro financing in order to seek employment / start up businesses.

People in Sri Lanka experience disability for a number of reasons: congenital; accidents; landmines / shell attacks (due to recent civil conflict); and, diabetes. This project is delivered by the Centre for Handicapped, Kandy, Sri Lanka, a charitable institution that has over 40 years’ experience in providing artificial limbs and rehabilitating persons with disabilities.

A significant change for recipients after receiving artificial limbs, in addition to mobility and independence, is the enhancement in self-confidence and self-esteem. The newly fitted limbs enable them to relieve their relatives and friends of the additional burden of care taking. Most adult recipients go on to secure sustainable incomes either through self-employment or working for employers, thereby changing their status from being beneficiaries to benefactors in their families.

 Key Areas of Expenditure

  • Procurement of artificial limbs, and customising them to the physiological requirements of the disabled recipients.
  • Fixing the artificial limbs, and providing the necessary training and rehabilitation, including counselling to strengthen the mental status to assimilate to mainstream society.
  • Where required, providing financial assistance to commence or continue meaningful and productive lives: in the case of children - financial assistance to commence / continue education; and, in the case of adults - training / micro financing towards employment / self-employment.

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1439 LSF Prosthetics Sri Lanka

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