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1613 MC Domestic Violence

Fighting domestic violence and supporting ex-prisoners toward reintegration throughout Mongolia.

Domestic violence is deeply ingrained in Mongolian society. The issue has become so commonplace that it is widely considered acceptable and is not openly spoken about in the public domain. Authorities often turn a blind eye and victims are hesitant to raise their voice knowing that retribution means long-term separation from their families. Sadly, a number of women who can no longer live in continual fear and agony choose retribution as the only option.

By working with police, politicians, social welfare agencies and prison authorities, this project aims to reduce domestic violence rates and restore dignified livelihoods amongst the ex-prisoner community. Life skills workshops are offered to equip and mentor ex-prisoners through the restoration process, providing them with the vocational training and soft skills essential for gainful employment upon their release. In doing so, they are offered an alternative livelihood to the ‘underground’ life they once knew. Targeted prevention through advocacy and awareness is another key component to reduce crime and manage recidivism.

Key Areas of Investment
  • Issue appraisal, awareness raising and political advocacy of domestic violence
  • Life skills and financial management workshops
  • Vocational training tools and equipment
  • Micro business development
  • Additional land acquisition for project expansion
  • Purchase of gurs for temporary accommodation
  • Establishment of women’s refuge safety houses
  • Professional development of mentors, volunteers and staff
  • Office acquisition and fit out
  • Purchase of vehicle for travel and monitoring visits

1613 MC Domestic Violence 1613 MC Domestic Violence


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1613 MC Domestic Violence

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