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Manila’s 2-3 million ‘squatters’ live in tiny, poorly constructed homes made from scrap timber and iron. Many are unemployed, unskilled and survive on odd jobs such as collecting and selling scrap metal and recyclable materials.

In circumstances such as these where parents are illiterate and uneducated, there is a strong chance that their children will be similarly deprived as abject poverty is generational. Where young people fall out of the education system, there is much necessity for alternative learning streams so that they can acquire a skill for future employment and contribute productively to their community through the diversification of service delivery.

This project will focus on agricultural production and income generation in a rural area close to urban Manila. Here, under the guiding hand of He Cares Foundation, at-risk youth will be mentored and revitalised, able to consider new aspirations away from the negative influences of their city lifestyle. They will be granted the opportunity to develop a variety of hands-on agricultural skills as well as taking on the associated responsibilities of financial planning and business development that accompany social enterprise.

Key Areas of Investment

  • Secure farmland for agricultural enterprises
  • Grow nutritious food to supplement neglected slum children’s diet
  • Income generation
  • Vocational training
  • Job creation and the provision of new services through social enterprise
  • Mentor disenfranchised youth to pursue new aspirations for their future

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