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1701 SHE Social Impact Fund Pilot Project

Financial capital for Cambodian women scaling their existing micro enterprises

SHE Investments supports women entrepreneurs in Cambodia through business training and mentoring, to help them scale their existing micro enterprises to create social and economic impact for communities. Graduates of SHE's Incubator and Accelerator Programs increase their personal and family's income and savings, reduce debt, and create employment opportunities for others (especially other women).
Through this work, SHE has identified the following key barriers to women entrepreneurs in Cambodia:

  • Access to culturally and gender relevant business training
  • Access to mentoring
  • Access to financial capital

In Cambodia it is extremely difficult to access capital above the “micro” level of typical Microfinance loans, particularly for women, and those operating within the informal sector face multiple challenges – access to finance being one of them – in formally registering a business, and therefore are unable to access formal bank loans.
If entrepreneurs – particularly women, who face additional barriers to men such as culturally engrained sexism – have access to financing above “micro” sized loans, as well as the training and mentoring to support them to ensure effective investments and higher loan return rates, they will be considerably more likely to scale their enterprises and create social and economic impact for their communities (not just their immediate families) as a result.

Key Areas of Expenditure 

  • Provision of larger Microfinance loans to female entrepreneurs for equipment and infrastructure expenses that will allow businesses to significantly scale their outputs and therefore expected revenue
  • Provision of mentoring and support to female entrepreneurs accessing loans, to help them manage and repay loans as well as scale their businesses effectively

1701 SHE Social Impact Fund Pilot Project

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1701 SHE Social Impact Fund Pilot Project

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