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Sustainable food production empowering young people

The Shining Jewels Children’s Village in the Philippines has a commitment to providing quality education to poor & vulnerable children. The school is located on a 16 ha rural property that has the potential to become self-sustaining by growing all the food required by the community as well as developing food-based enterprises & agri-tourism to generate income. The community is looking for supporters to help them to become sustainable.

Key Areas of Investment

  • Fence the farm to keep out stray animals
  • Install a hydraulic ram pump in the river to provide water for farming
  • Build a tank for the irrigation water
  • Create fish ponds
  • Install drip irrigation
  • Build a traditional house for visitors
  • Install solar lighting
  • Purchase a wide variety of fruit trees
  • Build a grain storage facility
  • Purchase a hand-tractor & implements

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