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Empowering and blessing the children and families of Idudi community through education and nutrition

The House of Jairus is an Australian non-profit team that has joined with local friends in Idudi, Uganda whose desire it is to see others set free from poverty. Idudi is a rural town 150km east of Kampala with much of the population living well below the poverty line of AU$3 per day. 

Our local team have opened Success Nursery and Primary School which welcomes disadvantaged children whose families cannot afford the most basic education. No one here is turned away and there is a great thirst for education as we know it provides a real way out of the poverty cycle. 

Our aim is to run a community-led school. It's driven by locals who are passionate and a new generation of game-changes. We aim to bridge the gap of school fees, scholastic materials, teacher wages and even build a playground!

In partnership with World Relief Australia, HOJ will find new and fertile land for a new and larger school building to accommodate 250 students. We will grow food gardens at the school to sustain and nourish our hungry children. We endeavour to see Success Nursery and Primary School become self-sustainable and impact not only the students' lives but their families too. 

We believe in the rights for all children to have an education regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, disability or social status.   

By donating to our project you will be able to positively impact some of Idudi’s most vulnerable children and see lives transformed in a meaningful way. 

We thank you.

Blessed to be a blessing to others!


Key Areas of Investments

  • Bridging the gap fees of school tuition, scholastic materials and teacher wages

  • Food gardens to provide nutritious food and educate students in agriculture

  • Water supply, irrigation equipment and education about sanitation and maintenance 

  • Scholarships for the most at-risk students

  • Land purchase for new school buildings and larger community gardens

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