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Photography by Manuel Bergmann

Supporting Balinese communities affected by COVID-19, focussing on slowing the spread, protecting medical personnel and livelihood support. 

In collaboration with government institutions and local organizations, since late March 2020,
Kopernik has been actively working on the COVID-19 Response to support communities
affected by the pandemic, focusing on three key areas:

Slowing down the spread of COVID-19. Kopernik executes an online campaign through the
production of ‘Apa Kabar Bali?’ (What’s Up Bali?), a news segment that provides credible,
easily accessible and locally adaptable resources that are relevant to Indonesians, as well as
the latest information and practical tips on how to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Kopernik also distributes soap and sanitizer to support one of the key messages of the
campaign, washing hands frequently with soap and water as one of the most effective
methods to prevent virus transmission.

Supporting Frontline Medical Personnel. In order to protect frontline medical personnel,
Kopernik distributes Personal Protective Equipment, including coveralls/gowns, head and
shoe covers, face shields, respiratory masks, and sanitizing supplies such as soap and hand
sanitizer to health and public facilities in Bali and other areas in Indonesia. Kopernik also
works with an arak producer in Bali to produce 96% ethanol alcohol to be produced by local
businesses into a 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer for distribution to public and medical

Supporting Livelihoods in Bali. Due to massive job losses across Bali, Kopernik provides
livelihood support through several activities:

  • Emergency basic needs support to unserved populations who have been severely
    affected by the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, including elderly people in
    Nusa Ceningan and Karangasem, Bali who have lost access to livelihood support and
    incomes and are unable to provide for their basic needs.
  • Urban gardens, a community-driven initiative to provide households with access to
    nutritional fresh food in vulnerable urban populations where many have lost their
    livelihoods, the cost of fresh produce is rising, and there is no access to farmland.
  • Pasar Rakyat (People’s Market), an initiative that supports fresh food distribution
    supporting farmers who have lost access to their markets while providing much needed
    nutritious food to households - through connecting farmers to households, as well as
    connecting farmers to government and non-government distribution efforts to families in

Key Areas of Investments

  • Slowing down the spread of COVID-19
  • Supporting Frontline Medical Personnel
  • Supporting Livelihoods in Bali

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