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Empowering last mile communities in Indonesia via access to quality e-learning

In remote communities access to education for young Indonesian children is very difficult due to lack of transport and rugged terrain. Teachers often attend school sporadically and children drop out well before completion of their primary education.  Furthermore, children who have learning difficulties are penalized for their inability to learn and often treated in a harsh physical manner if they are unable to grasp concepts being taught, or worse, excluded from the classroom. Frequently local children have interrupted schooling due to financial hardship within their families and they are often malnourished. Children who come from a non-dominant belief system are at times treated differently in class and penalized for their beliefs by their results being down-graded. Families that have financial difficulties in providing the mandatory uniform and books are denied access to local schooling for their children. Hence, there are local children who spend their days walking buffalo, or working in surrounding rice fields.

It is anticipated that through the delivery of this project many thousands of children throughout Indonesia will have the opportunity to access quality education and improve their likelihood of a better future. This project will improve access for Indonesians to high quality education by translating the content of Kolibri and Khan academy from English to Indonesian which will be disseminated to last mile communities via ‘seeded’ devices.

Key Areas of Investments

  • Translation of curriculum from English to Bahasa Indonesia

  • Conduct needs assessment to identify which remote communities are most in need

  • Disseminate curriculum to last-mile communities via ‘seeded’ devices

  • Evaluate progress in education as a result of E-Learning support

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