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Responding to the devastating fire at Tenakoga Secondary School, Guadalcanal Island, Solomon Islands

On 2 September, 2021, a fire broke out at Tenakoga Adventist Secondary School, Guadalcanal Island, a school run by the SDA Education Authority which accommodates Grade 7-12 students coming from different provinces across the country.

Destroyed was a 2 storey classroom block which housed:

  • Year 10 Classroom
  • Year 11 Classroom
  • Resource room
  • Social Science Department office
  • Year 12 Science lab
  • whole school science lab
  • science chemical store-room science resource room (where all science equipment’s stored)
  • 100+ plus tables / chairs
  • text resources
  • science apparatus
  • photocopy machine
  • students assessments
  • teachers marks record for students ready to be submitted to the Ministry of Education (IAs) as well as
  • part of a staff house that stood beside the block 

Teachers and students have been traumatized by this incident and the school has suspended classes for a week. During the break the school will offer support to all those impacted as well as draw up tentative plans for classroom uses and how to get science resources for students.

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Key Areas of Investments

  • Support / counselling for all traumatised by the fire event
  • Strategic planning to minimise disruption to the delivery of the school’s education outcomes
  • Repair, Rebuild, Refit and Replace damaged classrooms, equipment and educational resources

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